For all passengers who wish to come to Sardinia, regardless the origin and in order to monitor the entrances and the stays in the Region, it is necessary to sign in the regional website ( and give some general information.
Alternatively it is also possibile to download the app "Sardegna Sicura" available for iOS and Android devices, designed with contact tracking functionality on a voluntary basis.
Every passengers have to present the copy of the registration together with a current valid identity document.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that Sandalia Boutique Hotel is adopting all the guidelines and all the protocols provided by the Italian regulations to address the emergency Covid-19 in order to ensure you and our employees a safe environment to best enjoy your holiday. In agreement with these regulations some services could be subject to variations, modifications or cancellations.

To ensure the highest levels of safety we have implemented a series of measures and reviewed every way in which our services will be provided, following the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the Higher Institute of Health, and focusing on the safety and serenity of our guests and employees. Below you could find all the measures for the safety of our guests.

Hotel Sanitization

All our hotels follow cleaning protocols based on practices approved by the World Health Organization such as:

  • Cleaning of common areas (reception, lobby, corridors, bathrooms, restaurants, handrails, light switches, elevator buttons, door and window handles) carried out several times a day and with specific products.
  • Sanitizing environments using highly effective cleaning technologies and products on all surfaces.
  • Sterilization of kitchen and utensils using cleaning products and practices in line with hospital protocols.
  • Complete sanitization of the chamber and textiles at each guest change with the adoption of new procedures.
  • Sanitization at every use of tables, chairs, pool or beach beds.
  • Provision of hand sanitizing products to guests in different areas of the facility.

Food & Beverage services / Restaurant

To ensure that guests can eat well fully enjoying the moment of meal we have reviewed our processes of ordering, preparation, supply and consumption of catering services. In particular, our restaurant services are characterized by:

  • Food safety by reducing product handling and human contact during both preparation and delivery, including through the use of disposable packaging.
  • Spacing of tables and chairs as required by the regulations.
  • Possibility of using menus and services through qr code, Plexiglas displays and disposable paper.
  • Possibility, in some facilities, of Food and Beverage services directly in the room.

Social distancing
All Blu Hotels facilities have implemented all the necessary protocols to ensure proper social distancing.


  • Creation of ad hoc signage in all common areas with simple and intuitive descriptions to signal the appropriate and safe behaviour to enjoy the holiday as the interpersonal distance of 1 meter and the use of the mask.
  • Redesign of common areas to allow guests to maintain adequate social distance.
  • Support from staff to help guests apply these measures in all areas.
  • Our shows, activities, wellness areas have been rethought by encouraging individual moments of sport and wellness.
  • Swimming pools and beaches are equipped with dilated spaces and access controls to avoid gatherings, so as to ensure safety while maintaining the leisure of guests.
  • Possibility of online check-in before arrival at the hotel and management of flows at reception with special signs.

Personal protective equipment

  • Employee protection: all hotels employees are subjected to daily body temperature measurement and have access to safety devices (sanitizing gel, masks and gloves) necessary to carry out the work without risk to their health and of guests.
  • Training of the employees: all employees have been trained in compliance with hygiene and safety protocols and there is a constant updating of the same also to implement new procedures if it is required by the World Health Organization and the Institute Superior health.